We take care of all your service needs with a broad range of merchandise options: caskets, vaults, cremation, casket and urns; all high quality and priced from moderate to premium.

» Floral

Family members, relatives and friends can order floral tributes for a wake or memorial service right on-line. By placing the order through us, you no longer have to worry about giving the florist the information about the service and delivery times. We will handle all of the details and ensure that your arrangement arrives fresh, on-time and looking beautiful. And the cost is exactly the same as if you ordered the flowers in person directly from the florist.

» Caskets

Caskets are required for ground burial or Mausoleum Crypt Entombment. We have a large selection of caskets available. Those we carry are constructed of: Bronze, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Ash, Poplar, Veneer Wood, 18 Gauge Steel, 20 Gauge Steel, Fiber Wood, Fiberboard and Cardboard.

» Cremation Caskets

Cremation Containers are required to place the body in prior to cremation. Those we carry are wood, fiberboard, cloth covered, cardboard or a rental Ceremonial Casket.
The Ceremonial Casket can be rented when a viewing occurs prior to cremation. All other containers may also be used for a viewing.

» Urns

Urns are used to hold the cremated remains, (ashes) after cremation. One or many may be used. The urns we carry are made of various materials including: Cherry, Mahogany,
Oak, Hardwood, Elm, Rosewood, Walnut, Maple, Sheet Bronze, Marble, Pewter, Brass, Biodegradable Materials, Porcelain, Alabaster, Solid Bronze, Mother of Pearl, Solid Bronze, Resin, Solid Marble, Cultured Marble. Also available are: Keepsake urns, Keepsake Jewelry, Infant urns, Engraved Urns, Companion, Flag Case Urn, Scattering Urns, Personalized.