• Candle Lighting Ceremony
      Lighting a candle to honor the memory of a loved one can be a simple, but meaningful way of remembering a special life. In this ceremony each participant lights a candle from one main candle, signifying the light that their loved one created in them.
      Up to 100 candles $25
    • White Bird Release
      20 to 50 white birds will be released in a
      ceremony (cemetery, outside the chapel or church) symbolizing the release of the spirit. The birds circle overhead before they begin their journey home. Family members or friends may release the first birds if desired.
      20 birds $295. 50 birds $475.
      Additional Charge of $50 for over 20 miles.
    • Balloon Release
      Balloon releases are a unique and symbolic way of remembering a loved one. Balloons are hand-tied latex with cotton strings so they are environmentally safe.
      Minimum order 25
      $3 per balloon
      Delivery Included
    • Flower Placement Ceremony
      Flowers can be made available to every family member & attendees to place on the casket, near the urn or tribute photo at the Service, Ceremony, Tribute or Farewell party.
      Oriental Stargazer $7 ea
      Dendrobium Orchid $6 ea
      Roses – Red, White, Pink or Yellow $4 ea
      Carnations – Red, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow $2 ea
      20 Flower Minimum
    • Veterans Honor Squad
      This ceremony is available to all veterans. The Honor Squad may, depending on availability, serve as casket bearers, fold and present the American flag, fire three volleys, and play taps. At Memorial Services, the flag will be folded and presented and taps will be played. Not all services listed above may be available. This ceremony may be performed by a number of different organizations.
      Active Duty – No charge
      Suggested Donation to VFW Volunteers $200
    • Aerial Scattering
      Sea Scattering Over Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach Piers or Pt. Fermin, San Pedro Harbor
      Unwitnessed $350
      Witnessed (Viewed from the shore) $750
      Private (Up to 4 persons) Fullerton $1350
      Private (Up to 4 persons) Torrance $1450
    • Land Scattering
      Southern California Local Mountains
      Unwitnessed $500
      Witnessed (Viewed from the ground) $900
      Private (Up to 4 persons) $1900
    • Aerial Scattering off the coast of Maui, Hawaii
      (Scattering takes place once yearly in October)
      Unwitnessed $800
      Witnessed $975
    • Witnesses Scattering at Sea
      Family members and friends will board a boat in King Harbor or Ports of Call and cruise out to sea for a memorial ceremony. The cremated remains will be placed in a basket, covered with flowers, and lowered to sea. The cremated remains disperse & the boat will then circle the area allowing everyone to reflect and bid final farewell.
Monday through Friday
King Harbor
Up to 27 people $1,595
Up to 90 people $1,095
Ports of Call
Up to 27 people $1,095
Saturday & Sunday
King Harbor
Up to 27 people $1,795
Up to 90 people $1,295
Ports of Call
Up to 27 people $1,295

Unwitnessed $150