• Limousine Service
    Limousine ServiceOur Limousine will pick you up, take you to the ceremony, service, or reception, and then return you.6 Passenger $425
    8 Passenger $475
    10 Passenger $525

    (Prices are based on 4 hours,
    Each additional hour or fraction thereof

  • Motorcycle Escourts
    Motorcycle Escorts The procession to the cemetery will be escorted by motorcycle escorts. The procession will make its journey to the cemetery along a designated route that could include a drive by the beach or past the home or other special location.Cost $175 each 10 cars in procession
    (Minimum 2)

  • Photo Enlargements
    Photo Enlargements A personal photograph is enlarged to 11″ x 14″, 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ and may be displayed at any event.11″ X 14 ” – $50
    18″ X 24″ – $75
    24″ X 36″ – $125

    (Finished sizes are approximate)

  • Photo collage Board Kit
    Photo Collage Board Kit The Photo Collage Board Kit allows families to display photographs, awards and other personal items of the deceased for friends and family to view. As a courtesy to those we serve, we will provide basic items to assist you in completing your own Photo Memory Board. This will include the board, glue stick and colored paper.$35

    (Up to 2 boards included in some plans)

  • Memorabilia Display Table
    Memorabilia Display TableAt the request of the family, a personalization
    table may be placed in front or at the rear of the chapel. This table may be used to display personal items such as photographs, awards, hobbies or crafts. This allows the family and friends to reflect on the interests, hobbies or lifestyle of the deceased.No Charge

  • Horse Drawn Carriage
    Horse Drawn CarriageUpon arrival to the cemetery, the casket or urn is transferred from the funeral coach to the horse drawn carriage. The procession will continue through the cemetery until the casket arrives at the interment, entombment or inturnment site.$650 Weekdays$750 Weekends

  • Ceremonial Leis
    Ceremonial Leis As a tribute to the deceased or ceremonial gift to family members, friends & those involved in the service, ceremony, tribute or farewell party.See one of our associates for a complete selection $26 and up

    (Minimum order 10 – Five day notice, if less than 5 days, add $10 per lei)